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6L/m High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Diaphragm Pumps

• High temperature resistant/ corrosion resistant/ micro vacuum air pumps ( pressure pumping)

• Quiet, low vibration, long life

• Made of corrosion resistant, available for corrosive air/gases under high temperature environment 

• Exquisite design, high vacuum & high pressure and good air tightness

• Reliable/ stable and with build-in temperature protection circuit.

Product Parameters
Flow rate (L/min) 6
Vacuum degree (mbar absolute atm.Press.) 290
Pressure (bar atm.Press.) 1.5
Motor Parameters
Voltage (V) 220V/50Hz   或 110V/60Hz
Max. loaded current  (A) 0.7
Heat protection function (°C) 125
Power  (W) 60
Other Parameters
Pump head material 316L (aluminum optional)
Working ambient temperature - 20°C° ~ + 60 °C
Working media temperature + 5 °C° ~ + 240 °C
Weight (kg)

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