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What is micro vacuum pumps

What is micro vacuum pumps?

The micro vacuum pump refers to an instrument with one air suction nozzle and an exhaust nozzle, which continuously forms vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet and forms positive pressure at the exhaust nozzle. The working medium is mainly gas, and the volume is small.

The working theory of micro vacuum pumps

The basic principle of the micro vacuum pump: the circular motion of the motor. The diaphragm inside the pump is reciprocated through mechanical devices, so that the air in the pump chamber of the fixed volume is compressed and stretched to form a vacuum (negative pressure). At the pump suction port, a pressure difference is generated between the negative pressure and the atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the gas is pressurized (sucked) into the pump chamber and discharged from the exhaust port.

When a closed container (initially, the internal pressure is 100KPa), is connected to a micro vacuum pump, and continuously sucking air out of it, finally the gas pressure in the closed container will be lower than atmospheric pressure, reaching an absolute pressure of 60KPa.

Through special technical improvement, in addition to the single-extracting micro vacuum pump, it can also form a micro vacuum pump for sucking and pumping air (which is, at the exhaust port, it generates relatively large positive pressure), and as well as forms a very unique liquid/air dual-use micro vacuum pumps, which are applicable to pressurization, inflation, and overcoming system resistance and so on, it can be used for long-term idling, dry-running, etc. It is different from the normal water pump; idling or dry rotation will not damage the pump.

Because of the suction port or exhaust port form a pressure difference with the outside atmosphere, and unlike large vacuum pumps, which require lubricating oil and vacuum pump oil, the micro vacuum pumps do not pollute the working medium, and have the advantages of small, low noise, maintenance-free, and continuous duty. So the micro vacuum pump is used as a power device, widely used in gas sampling, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, accelerated filtration, automotive vacuum boosting, etc. And it has been widely used in medical, health, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields.

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