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The typical applications of miniature diaphragm pumps

Pump application area
        Vacuum distillation
        Multi-bottle filtration
        Gel drying
        Completely replace the water circulation pump
        Dental oven
        Vacuum furnace / drying
        Development/pre-production testing

Medical instruments 
        Surgical suction device
        Blood pressure measurement
        Pulse sleeve
Analytical technology and environmental protection
        Gas and air sampling (exhaust gas, asbestos, environmental pollution)
        Process engineering
        Mass Spectrometry 
        Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
        Flame photometer

Chemical / Process Engineering
        Transport, evacuation and compression of lively toxic substances
        Radiation observation of nuclear power plants

        Disc and wafer processing
        Micro-chip sweat
        Printing Technology

        Spectral imaging diagnostic system
        Blood analysis

Printing Technology 
        Printing Technology

Cleaning industry
        Washing equipment
        Endoscope disinfection/cleaning

        Biological chromatography

Water treatment
        Sample processing (waste observation)

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