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Our new arrival HX01-L (brushless motor, 900ml/m)

Product Parameter
Flow rate (mL/min) 900
Vacuum degree (kPa absolute atm.Press.) -40
Pressure (kPa atm.Press.) 40
Motor Parameters
Voltage (V) 6
MAX. loaded current  (A) 0.15
Power (W) 0.4
Other Parameters
Pump head material PPS
Working ambient temperature - 20°C° ~ + 60 °C
Working media temperature + 5 °C° ~ + 50 °C
Weight (kg) 16
Dimensions(mm)L×W×H 40×20×29

• 900ml/m micro air pumps;

• low noise and low vibration, the best in China;

• Exquisite design, very good air tightness;

• Highly reliable and stable

• Imported coreless brushless motor, continuous duty, life time over 5000 hours

for the battery power supply field, handy analysis equipment and etc.

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