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Application of peristaltic pump in medical and health industry

Peristaltic pump is often used in the disinfection machine in the medical and health industry, including cleaning, rinsing, boiling disinfection, drying and other links. The introduction of peristaltic pump in the operation process can greatly improve the working efficiency, but also reduce the workload in the cleaning link. In hospitals or medical institutions, ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection cabinet with peristaltic pump can be used for medical scalpels, forceps, scissors, forceps, syringes, straws, all kinds of hoses, reagent bottles and other medical instruments and tools that will be polluted and need strict cleaning and disinfection during the operation.

Peristaltic pump is mainly used for automatic quantitative addition and injection of all kinds of cleaning agents and disinfectants. Because the dosage of detergent is relatively small, it is necessary to control the dosage precisely when mixing, to ensure the * * degree of the reagent ratio, and these reagents will have strong corrosiveness, so it is difficult for general pumps to meet these requirements. With the advantages of small volume, high delivery accuracy, corrosion resistance, with control valve and other design advantages, preh peristaltic pump can generally meet the different special requirements of customers in various industries, and support product customization. It can customize various peristaltic pumps according to its own trial actual needs.

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